Saturday, January 09, 2010

I've added some new photos of the green paradise at Olbrich Botanical Gardens to my set

When the World Turns White, Follow the Green
They say that winter depression is due to the lack of bright sunlight in the winter, but I think the absence of green probably plays just as big a part. After all, when our species evolved in Africa, it was surrounded by green most all the time. Why wouldn't we crave it, and feel sad when it goes away?

That's why I think visits to Olbrich Botanical Gardens are even more important in winter than in the summer, when all their planted splendor spreads out for acres and acres. Sure, the outdoor gardens are buried in snow now, but in midwinter inside the glass pyramid of the Bolz Conservatory you're surrounded by a miracle of green. If you want to visit vicariously (though I recommend visiting in person), check out my Olbrich Botanical Gardens set. I've added some new photos -- and this video of the koi, which look better moving.

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