Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oil sure must be running low if they have to pump it out of Lake Monona here in Madison

Oil Sure Must Be Running Low If They're Pumping It Out of Lake Monona
It was cold and dark by the time I parked and hiked out to the Lake Monona oil field, but the polar bears were dancing. By the time I had finished fumbling with my camera, it felt as if my fingers would fall off. But it was worth it. The scene had a magical, phantasmagoric beauty.

Of course the oil derricks aren't real. They're part of an art installation -- the latest BLINK Temporary Public Art project funded by the Madison Arts Commission. The installation is by Madison artist Timothy Browning.

They're certainly an eye-opener as you drive by on John Nolen. (On foot you can cross with the lights at the base of South broom Street and walk over for a closer look, if you can find a place to park.)

And they sure do make you stop and think about all those hydrocarbons we're sucking out of the earth and pumping into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

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