Monday, January 04, 2010

Scotch tape and plastic hack for the twitchy, hypersensitive touchpad of my netbook

Scotch Tape Hack for My Netbook's Twitchy, Hypersensitive Trackpad
I pass this on in case anyone has a similar problem and doesn't want to fiddle with the Control Panel:

I dearly love my Asus Eee PC netbook. It's small, wireless, and useful. I take it everywhere and don't worry about something happening to it, because it's cheap and my data is in the cloud. And with my small, wireless USB mouse from Radio Shack, it's great for browsing the net or capturing keystrokes on the run.

There was only one problem in my love affair with this simple little computer: The touchpad is hypersensitive and twitchy. I'll be typing along, in the middle of the sentence and my thumb will ever so lightly brush the touchpad and the cursor will fly up and lodge itself a couple of paragraphs above where I am. The rest of the sentence will be lost in the middle of some old text. I have to go find it, delete it and paste it back where it's supposed to be. I don't know if it's my hunt-and-peck typing style or the touchpad itself, compounded by a cramped keyboard that otherwise works fine for me. All I know is that it happens happened all too often.

Voila! Not anymore. I realized I just needed a removable cover on the touchpad, something fairly firm so that my thumb brushing against it no longer would activate the cursor. I cut a little piece of hard plastic out of an old AA battery container I was about to recycle. The Scotch tape is so I can easily remove the cover if the mouse's battery dies and I need to use the touchpad.

Note: Yes, I know I can shut off the touchpad from the Control Panel. But then, if I don't have a mouse attached, I have no pointing device at all, unless I remember to go back in and enable the touchpad before shutting down. Scary. Too complicated for me. The Scotch tape and plastic may be inelegant, but they're simple. Nothing to remember, nothing to forget. And totally transparent.

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