Friday, February 19, 2010

Everyone Is All Dressed Up In Black

Everyone Is Dressed in Black
San Francisco, 2002, Olympus XA, Kodak Gold 200

Film cameras do have their advantages. This could probably not have been shot digitally, at least not with my equipment. I shot several pictures of the crow. Because the XA shutter is so silent, the crow wasn't startled and didn't fly off. Instead he just looked at me with wry amusement. The D90 dslr would have scared him off with the first shot.

I saw the surfer walking into the picture while I was photographing the crow and waited for him to move into just the right position. With the Coolpix point and shoot, I would probably have missed this exact moment because of the shutter lag.

Who knows. Maybe I'll finally get a new battery and some film for the XA. This time around I could get some decent scans made when the film is processed.

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