Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The geese have had it. Rahm Emmanuel and the "flock of f***ing Canadian geese"

Keeping people focused on priorities is a big part of the White House Chief of Staff's job. Rahm Emmanuel is known for doing it with colorful, expletive-laced metaphors. Here's how he characterized the White House's focus on healthcare and Afghanistan at the expense of such minor distractions as closing Guantanamo, no matter what the president promised on the campaign trail.
We’ve got these two Boeing 747s circling that we are trying to bring down to the tarmac and we can’t risk a flock of f***ing Canadian geese causing them to crash."
This is from the recent Financial Times story, "America: A fearsome foursome," about Obama's inner circle of advisers by Henry Luce.

Are Obama's tough but isolated advisers leading him astray from the more progressive policies he campaigned for? Or are they simply following orders and serving as lightning rods protecting Obama from the wrath of his political base?

Either way, if the White House -- especially the "fearsome foursome" -- continues in its current direction, the flock of f***ing Canadian geese is likely to rise up and bite them. The geese have had it.

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