Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Only Carly Fiorina could be responsible for an ad as weirdly bizarre as this alien sheep frightmare

Sure enough. Talk about failing upward. First Fiorina does her best to run HP into the ground (not only did she engineer the ill-fated Compaq merger, she was named to many worst CEO lists, drove down HP stock prices more than 50% during her tenure -- and, worst of all for a technology executive, she was dubbed the "anti-Steve Jobs" by Infoworld). Then she became John McCain's economic adviser. That worked out so well. Did McCain even have an economic policy? Now she apparently hopes to wreck the U.S. Senate. All she has to do is unseat Barbara Boxer this fall.

Only one problem. She's running well behind former California Congressman Tom Campbell in the Republican primary. This seems to be her attempt to rally with a Hail Mary pass. It's an agonizingly long throw that seems to have been tossed in super slow motion. Check out that painfully long running time.

The commercial progresses by stages from bad to worse to totally bonkers. Metaphors that are weirdly inappropriate for her message are tossed about in confused, paranoid fashion. One moment her opponent is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and then all we're seeing is sheep with demonic alien eyes. Who knew?

Part of the job description of being the antiSteve Jobs is to counter his brilliant TV commercials with some of the worst ever made. She's been here before. In the aftermath of 9/11, Fiorina authorized strange Orwellian TV spots that seemed to be set in some totalitarian country where HP where responsible for tracking down dissidents and dragging them off kicking and screaming to the paddy wagon with some sort of virtual cybernet. She wasn't just the anti-Steve Jobs, these were the anti-Apple Big Brother ads.

Nice to see she hasn't lost her touch.

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Kim said...

She wrecks everything she touches.

A colleague of mine worked for Lucent, and she (being CEO), gave a pep-talk in the late 90's. My friend's tongue in cheek response was 'gee, if we're going to be that successful, we're gonna have to hire a LOT of people'. He said she struck him as being 'completely crazy'.

Of course, we all know what happened. She's your typical megalomaniac, bumbling from one grandiose failure to another, completely ignoring all evidence that she's absolutely hopeless, and that in all cases, a CEO who did absolutely nothing would be better than her.

Of course, it's now so obvious that anyone who deals with her deserves precisely what they get. If she became CEO of a company I had shares in, I'd immediately sell them all. As for running for office... that's hilarious. As the advertisement indicates, she's still bonkers.