Thursday, February 04, 2010

What hath the internet wrought?

The iPad, the Kindle, and all the other readers, and the internet itself -- they're all just part of a historical seachange every bit as radical as the invention of movable type. Not just the iPad, but the entire modern process of unfettering text from the printed page. A revolution in human consciousness is under way and nobody knows where it’s going. See Memo from the Monastery -- an incredibly funny and thought-provoking take on what it looked like the last time change on a scale like this swept across the civilizations of the world. (Via Chris Norris.)


Gamma Infinity said...

Text left the printed page the day Marconi sent "S" across the Atlantic Ocean. His invention just didn't have the PR budget. It didn't get on the news. It just transmitted the news.

Cybergabi said...

That's a great find, Peter. I shared it on buzz. Wonderful.