Saturday, February 13, 2010

Now I have to relearn all that Winter Olympics stuff I forgot and tossed out four years ago

A few years ago, we didn't have raccoon-proof trash cans, so I had to take out the trash in the morning before I set out on my commute. Since I'm not a morning person, I got into the habit of making a different little lame drawing each week to focus my mind on remembering to take out the trash. I would put it on the bathroom sink where I couldn't miss it when I shaved in the morning. This is the one I did when the last Winter Olympics ended. I ended up using it in one of my first blog posts.
The flame has gone out, the crowds have gone home. Just when you finally figure out what a twizzle is, it's time to clean out the attic of your mind, pack up all those newly acquired factoids and set them out at the curb. In four years you'll get new ones.
So now we have to find a way to recover those factoids, or get new ones. (What is a twizzle, anyhow? I have no idea. Good thing I put in that link four years ago.)

Although I have no other connection with winter sports, I like the Winter Olympics, because it's great to watch other people have fun in the snow while you're feeling overwhelmed by the winter darkness and icy cold.

But the media coverage brings out the best and worst in network television. The worst starts with the crude commercialism, the endless lame interviews and other inane network filler, the almost unbearable hype-to-reality ratio, and it just goes downhill from there. The best includes incredible moments of grace that linger in memory long after the last anthem has been played. Human beings really can shed gravity and fly.

I look forward to the next two weeks with a mix of dread and anticipation.


Anonymous said...

already dreading and the damn thing has not even started.

dread is due to the incredible overhype.

and the fact that nbc is not showing any of the really good men's hockey games ( i.e., usa v. canada ) on the free over the air nbc programming.

rather, nbc is moving the prime games to its cable station msnbc.

that should be f***ing illegal as hell and nbc should be ashamed ot itself for being so gd geedy.

Anonymous said...

time spent watching or reading about winter olympics so far = 0

time going to be spent watching or reading about winter olympics = 0