Sunday, March 07, 2010

Paging through the photographer dude's book while watching this year's Oscars

Leafing Through the Photographer Dude's Book While Watching Oscars
Needed some sort of distraction during these lame Oscars, while waiting to see if His Dudeness would finally win the Best Actor award. Martin and Baldwin as cohosts -- what happened? The humor was missing in action. And what was with that tribute to horror movies? Classy move, Academy.

In contrast, Jeff Bridges is far more impressive as a photographer than Martin and Baldwin were as hosts. For years he has shot black and white candids on his movie sets and then printed them up as gift books for cast and crew. What makes them interesting is not only his good eye, but the fact that he shoots with the legendary Widelux panoramic 35mm film camera. His book Pictures is available on Amazon and features selections from the photos he shot over the years (shown above, Bridges and his brother Beau on the set of The Fabulous Baker Boys.) Although the book's photos aren't online, you can see some examples of his technique from more recent films on his website. And here's a striking Bridges image that was used as a poster for the 2004 New York Film Festival.

Even the book couldn't distract me completely from a program that just got worse and worse. Those awful, cringe-making introductions of the Best Actor and Actress nominees -- unbelievable! (And for that they took away their clips, the only chance for some in the public to see what they were getting the award for?)

But at least Bridges prevailed in the end. He received his long-overdue Oscar -- as so often happens, for an OK movie, but one that was far from his best. The Dude abides.

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Cybergabi said...

I love his website. Thanks for pointing it out.