Monday, March 15, 2010

Recreation in Madison on the Ides of March ranged from ice fishing to going barefoot in the park

Varieties of Recreational Experience in Madison on the Ides of MarchMarch 15 straddles two seasons. Technically, it's not spring yet, but on a mild, sunny day in mid-March, most, if not all, Madisonians seemed convinced it was.

Ice Fishing and Walking Barefoot in the ParkSome, however, could not let go of winter. The approach of spring seemed to bring out the inner polar bear. Like these ice fishers on Monona Bay, the winter loyalists took refuge on a familiar patch of ice, hunched down deeper into their coats and parkas, drilled their holes and waited patiently for fish to swim by. Others exuberantly cast aside their winter gear and pretended it was even warmer than it was. Arms and legs were re-exposed to the sun. Everywhere there were people running, jogging, walking, biking, skateboarding -- or taking off their heels and strolling barefoot in the park, on the bike path warmed by the sun in Brittingham Park.

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