Friday, March 05, 2010

Shorty Award winners illustrate scope and impact of real-time short-form internet content

This tweet and others like it were what most of America relied on last year for first-hand accounts of the crash landing in the Hudson. The mainstream media began by playing catch-up and taking their cues from the tweeters on the scene.

The Shorty Awards, "the Oscars of Twitter," were presented in New York this week and provided a fascinating snapshot of this new medium's impact.
William Shatner congratulated the winners via video and read some of his own favorite tweets from @shitmydadsays, which is being turned into a TV pilot by CBS with Shatner in the lead role. In all, 34 awards were given across 28 categories, including several new ones. Haitian TV presenter Carel Pedre received a special humanitarian Shorty Award for tweets that shed light on the devastating earthquake in his country. Janis Krums received a Real-Time Photo Shorty Award for his camera phone shot of U.S. Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River.
Best of all, the acceptance speeches were limited to 140 characters. Oscars take note. Scroll down here to check out the list of all 34 award winners in 28 categories. They make fascinating reading. Some are familiar names, and some are not. You may want to start following some of them.

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