Sunday, March 14, 2010

The underside of the Alicia Ashman Overpass over Campus Drive is showing its age

Underside of the Overpass
Composite view of the bottom of the Alicia Ashman Overpass, the pedestrian bridge over Campus Drive that was was built in 1977. It's showing its age. From the plaque: Vogel Bros. Building Co., General Contractor; Theo. Kupfer Iron Works Inc., Steel Fabricator; Strand Associates, Inc., Consulting Engineers.

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froggyprager said...

I use this overpass all the time. Great photos. Have you heard if there are long term plans to repair or possibly change the overpass? The cost to replace it would be huge even if it doesn't need it for 15-20 years. I know that other progressive cities (Milwaukee Park East) have torn down such things to connect areas and provide more land for development. It does seem odd to have a mini highway right in the middle of Madison and if it were not there you could have more easier connection between the neighborhood and that part of campus. it is usefull of course to keep all the traffic out of the neighborhood.