Friday, April 30, 2010

Be sure to see Olbrich's meadow garden while the spring flowers are still in bloom

Meadow Garden at Olbrich Botanical Gardens
Now is the time to go head for Olbrich Botanical Gardens, while the spring flowers are in bloom and the apples are still blossoming. Their meadow garden is one of Madison's great seasonal treasures.
Olbrich's Meadow Garden is a favorite of visitors and staff, especially in spring. Inspired by English meadow gardens, Olbrich's Meadow Garden features low-maintenance fescue grasses and spring flowering bulbs. The short, drought-tolerant fescue grasses eliminate the need for high maintenance and energy consumptive lawn care. The grasses don't require supplemental watering or fertilizer and are mowed just twice a year - once in late spring and again in late fall.
But words -- or even pictures -- don't begin to do it justice. See it for yourself. Now. It's pure magic, and as fleeting as a spring breeze.

Blooming Large On Black


Ann Flower said...

you have posted awesome picture of flowers. Flowers bring so much joy to those who have the time enjoy them.

JamJam said...

Beautiful. I'll have to try and get there this weekend and take some macro shots.

miriam said...

Completely agree. Just got done teaching a two week haiku class there - will schedule for same time next year as the apple blossom scent + meadow garden made the class that much better!