Friday, April 16, 2010

A blue dome and a typo on a rainy night

A Blue Dome and a Typo on a Rainy Night
Between movies at the Wisconsin Film Festival -- and between showers -- Thursday night on MLK Jr. Blvd. I wondered why the Capitol dome was blue, so I checked the Wisconsin Department of Administration website. Here's what it said, unless they've corrected it by the time you see this:
The Capitol will be lit blue in the honor of Child Prevention Month
The DOA may want to think about adding the missing word to give Child Abuse Prevention Month its proper due -- and to avoid the appearance of advocating state-sponsored birth control.


miriam said...

awesome. i had wondered too where the orange went and love the typo.

Anonymous said...

also love the typo

Cybergabi said...

Come to think of it, it is more like a Freudian slip. All those child abusers should rather have made use of birth control in the first place if they can't handle to have kids.