Thursday, April 08, 2010

Finding some spots of bright color at Lake Wingra on a gloomy, rainy afternoon

Bright Colors on a Rainy Day
No matter what the weather, I like to walk down to Lake Wingra, that quiet, tranquil bit of nature on the near west side of Madison. It's surrounded by so much parkland and UW Arboretum green space that in the right light it can look as unspoiled and deserted as some lonely lake in northern Wisconsin. It was raining heavily when I trudged out with my umbrella, and I was glad I was wearing waterproof boots, since Wingra Park was starting to turn into an extension of the lake. Don't know what I expected to find. A loon diving in the rain, perhaps?

Bright Colors on a Rainy DayBut all I found was pelting rain and a deep, wet sense of gloom. Even the birds had given up and taken shelter. No loons to be seen. No ducks or geese, either -- they all seemed to have disappeared into the witness protection program.

Bright Colors on a Rainy DayBut there were a few spots of bright color, just glowing in the general gloom. Wingra Boats had started bringing their canoes and kayaks out of winter storage. The rain seemed to have varnished the boats with a fresh coat of lacquer, their colors were so intense. I couldn't help but aim my camera in their direction, as the rainsdrops ran jaggedly down their sides.

I've been photographing Lake Wingra for a long time, revealing many different moods of this little lake, in all kinds of weather and every season. I recently put some of my favorites into a slideshow on Flickr. If you're interested, click this link.

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