Friday, April 02, 2010

Transatlantic Bridge

Transatlantic Bridge
This is the East Washington Avenue Bridge across the Yahara River in Madison -- but it spans more than that river. You might call it a transatlantic bridge.

I posted a version of this photo -- taken with a 2mp Minolta Dimage X -- about three years ago, and you can read more about it at the original Flickr upload and comments, as well as the related blog post.

The reason I'm posting it again is to celebrate something happening today that has nothing to do with the bridge, but everything to do with the photo -- something that might never have happened had I not posted the photo on Flickr. It's the only photograph I ever took that, indirectly, resulted in someone else's marriage.

What happened was that a Flickr member in Germany who called herself Cybergabi spotted the photo in a group called Concrete Architecture in which I had posted the photo. She commented on the photo, I was curious who had left the comment and checked out her photostream, where I found a large number of imaginative and striking photographs. We struck up one of those long-distance friendships that seem to flourish on Flickr. She met other Madison area Flickr members through comments on my photostream and in the Madison-related groups to which I uploaded photos.

Last fall she visited to Madison to get acquainted with T and me and to attend the wedding of another Madison Flickr member, Miriam. A friend of Miriam's put her up during her visit. They fell in love, and several back-and-forth transatlantic visits later, one thing led to another, and today Gabi and Joey Johannsen are getting married in Dubuque. Congratulations and best wishes, Joey and Gabi -- and T and I look forward to sharing the day with you, along with Miriam and Dylan.

Note: One of my photos of the wedding here, with links to more.


thechrisproject said...

What a lovely story! I'm glad I'll actually get to meet those two ladies soon. I love hearing about the webs of interactions and coincidences that lead to wonderful events like this.

Anonymous said...

And people say nothing good happens in the interweb.

robinita said...

Oh my gosh. How wonderfully sweet. Nice photo too!

Cybergabi said...

You're the BEST man, Peter.

Thanks so much for everything. I still have wet eyes.


Manisha said...

Beautiful! The photo, the story, the two lovely ladies. I consider myself to be a very lucky bystander because of all the wonderful events that have unfolded due to and since this image. Thank you!

Semi-Professional Muse for Hire said...

Great story! I've been curious about all the connections! I just met Joey & Gabi in Madison in December, during a miksang shoot, but I was also at Dylan & Miriam's wedding party, because Dylan and I have been friends since he moved to Madison :)

W J said...

Reading this story has made me weep for joy! Thank you.