Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is progress? No longer printing on dead trees, only to charge $4.95 per electronic copy?

I must be missing something. Wired magazine has an all-new digital edition for the iPad.
The iPad, with its touch-screen navigation, offers new editorial tools, such as high-definition video and push-button graphics. A reader can slide a finger across the screen in one feature to watch as a Lego Lamborghini takes shape step-by-step, compiled from 180 different images.

Advertisers have new opportunities as well. Mercedes has a 30-second, TV-style video ad.

The catch: You'll have to pay $4.99 for each issue, the same as the cover price for the printed version of Wired. It's yet to be seen whether many readers will pay for an app when the Web site is free and just a few clicks away. Subscriptions, which in the case of Wired's print edition can bring the cost down to $1 per issue, aren't available yet through the iTunes store.
This is progress? Hard to see how e-publishing will ever get off the ground if they only price it for rich early adopters.

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Citizen Reader said...

Well, how do you expect the magazine to pay people to do programming and writing for these e-editions? The content still has to come from somewhere.

Frankly, I think e-editions should be more expensive, to cover the environmental cost associated with the planned obsolescence that goes along with the Ipad, the Kindle, all manner of cell phones, etc. I'm sure they're not meant to last much longer than a couple of years, and then they'll be ditched for the "new new thing" as well.

Sorry to be so grouchy, but the idea that e-anything is cheaper to produce than a simple feature on paper is laughable. For one thing, tech types who set that stuff up are paid way more than writer types.