Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What's with the wild and crazy winds in the Madison area the last couple days?

What's with the Crazy Winds in the Madison Area the Last Couple Days?
We were walking along Tiedeman's Pond yesterday, and it was windy as hell. Clear blue sky, so there didn't seem to be any storm risk. It was just annoying, and other than that, we didn't think twice about it. Suddenly we heard something behind us that sounded like a string of firecrackers, going off, at an accelerating pace: CRACK . . . CRACK . . . CRACK CRACK CRACKCRACKCRACK. We spun around just in time to see a large green mass falling to the ground. It took a second to register what we had seen. The wind had split this tree, and half of it fell to the ground, just missing the house.

Since when does the wind start knocking down trees under a clear blue sky? Same thing today. Steady wind, but occasional gusts that feel like they're going to sweep the house right off to Oz. There's a lot of talk about global warming and the coming age of "superstorms." years ago I skimmed what I assumed was a crackpot science book on the subject in a bookstore. The argument was that if you pump enough heat into a closed atmospheric system, you generate global superwinds that never stop, blowing endlessly at hundreds of miles an hour. As on the surface of Venus. So is this how it starts?

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