Friday, June 04, 2010

Book cover returns to its origins in the dunes along Lake Michigan

Book Cover Returns to Its Origins in the Dunes Along Lake Michigan
The folks at Falcon Guides licensed my photo Endless Vista for the cover of their recently published Best Easy Day Hikes Milwaukee.

We returned there the other day and hiked the cordwalk the length of the park. I was looking for the scene but walked right past it. So much for the myth of the observant photographer. T thought we had walked past it. I told her she was wrong. "You know dunes change a lot over time," I said. "Besides, the art director probably combined different elements from my picture in Photoshop to fit the layout. It's probably not even the same scene." So much for the myth of the insightful photographer.

She didn't buy it and insisted on walking us back to the precise spot where the photo had been taken and holding up the book so the copy could be photographed along with the original.

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