Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cool front drives off Madison's hot muggy weather and storm clouds

Cool Front Drives off Madison's Hot Muggy Weather and Storm Clouds
It seems as if it's been going like on this forever -- nothing but unseasonably hot, muggy weather alternating with thunderstorms. More like July, and unusually rainy even for July. Day after day, we've been able to watch the brightly colored radar patches roll in from the Great Plains, vibrant yellow surrounding a core of angry red and the occasional nasty purple tied to possible tornado activity. Or we could just raise our eyes to the horizon and watch the ominous dark clouds move in.

It all blew away late this morning. A slight chance of scattered showers tonight, and then clear sailing -- sunny skies and mild temps --until next Sunday, according to the forecasts. Finally. At least the last few days of June will actually feel like June for a change.

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