Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amateur engineers join Consumer Reports in developing innovative iPhone 4 antenna hacks

iPhone 4 Antenna Hacks
I'm impressed. A nation of tinkerers joins Consumer Reports in coming up with solutions. A selection of leaked engineering drawings from the user uprising's secret command post.

Censor these if you dare, Apple!

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Citizen Reader said...

So you pay hundreds of dollars, contribute to the planned obsolescence of gadgets, and you STILL have to come up with your own engineering hacks just to make them work?

Can someone please explain to me why everyone still loves Apple?

Madison Guy said...

Citizen Reader -- to begin with, "everyone" doesn't love Apple. Some people do. But for most of them, it's the kind of love they have for the lesser evil -- the alternatives seem worse. It once seemed Google might offer some real alternatives in the phone market and elsewhere, but they also seem to be getting further and further from their original mission to "do no evil."

In technology, as in so many areas of modern life, evil is descending on us like a fog.