Saturday, July 24, 2010

Like the parting of the Red Sea: Madison lakes miraculously break up storm front

The myth works! The myth, that is, which says that Madison's lakes protect us from tornadoes. I know it's a myth. Just like any other place in the Midwest, we get hit by tornadoes every once in a while -- one of which T and I watched skipping across Lake Wingra before it went on to take out a wall at the Madison recycling plant several years ago. But still, like a lucky rabbit's foot, it's something to hold on to when bad weather approaches. Sometimes it doesn't matter that it's a myth. It's still better than nothing.

Then there's the occasional moment when myth and reality appear to coincide. I caught one of those moments on Channel 3's Doppler radar loop tonight. Watch the bright red storm front roll up the screen from the southwest. It's amazing -- just as it gets to Madison, the line of severe weather breaks apart, spares the city the heavy duty stuff, and circles around the city to the northwest and southeast. Like the parting of the Red Sea.

It was pretty cool. You could see the lightning off to both sides, but none directly over the city.

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JamJam said...

I've known this "myth" to be true as long as I've been here. I never worry too much when severe weather comes through. The worst hits SW WI, skips Madison, and then continues on to cause havoc in Stoughton and SE WI.