Friday, July 23, 2010

The metaphors of everyday life: The many lives of the picnic table

The Many Lives of the Picnic Table
Sure, it's getting on in years now. Life sometimes seems drab and brown. The word "senior" is heard now and then -- but scratch the surface and you'll find the remnants of an exciting, colorful past. The first attempt at settling down ran toward the more somber dark greens, but before that there was a scintillating lime green period. Earlier, there were the short-lived maroon years. A youthful fling with vibrant turquoise, perhaps with sterling silver accessories, long since lost. And years before, there was the youthful natural period. It may just be a picnic table, but it's been around, and it contains multitudes.


DL NELSON said...

Love the photo and the concept. If only picnic tables could talk. The paint looks like an Indian painting.

George H. said...

I'm on board for complimenting this photo and thought behind it.

Trippun said...

who gets to pick the picknick table color?