Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trending in Madison: Be your own gondolier on the city's lovely lakes

Trending in Madison: Be Your Own Gondolier on the City's Lakes
Suddenly you see it all over town. It's called stand-up paddleboarding (SUP for short). This was on Lake Wingra recently, but this summer the boards have rapidly multiplied on all the Madison lakes. Isthmus notes the sport originated in Hawaii, spread to coastlines everywhere, and now is being reborn on inland waters.
Resistance is futile. Often referred to by its acronym, SUP is shaping up as recreation's next Big Thing. Spreading from Hawaii to coastlines around the world, it's now dispersing to inland waters. A growing number of surfboard manufacturers are producing oversized paddling-specific boards, with a comparable proliferation of long-handled paddles. The sport has spawned races, blogs, websites and online videos galore, and was the hit of last summer's annual Outdoor Retailer convention in Utah.
And it's not just Madison. The New York Times took notice the other day.


Cybergabi said...

I was already wondering about that woman standing on something that looked like a surfboard in your b&w shot the other day. It looked wonderful.

I'm just not sure I could do it : )

jjmadison said...

I just spotted my first tonight at the Tenney Pier. Thanks for giving me the info. about what I was seeing.