Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watching Dobet Gnahoré Dance at La Fête de Marquette Friday night

We really enjoyed ourselves at my favorite of Madison's summer music festivals, La Fête de Marquette. This is just a short clip from a too-polite fan -- I didn't stand up, because I didn't want to block the people behind me, so there's a kind of peekaboo effect going on here. The crappy mono sound on my D90 didn't begin to do justice to Dobet Gnahoré's warm, lush voice, but it worked better with the percussion, so here's a short clip of this extraordinary performer dancing.

Focused on Dobet Gnahoré's Performance at La Fête de MarquetteYou could see the power of her performance reflected in the faces in the audience at this return appearance at La Fête de Marquette. Here's more about her from the program notes.
The minute Dobet Gnahoré (pronounced DOH-bay gna-OR-ay) steps onto the stage, it is obvious she is something special. She exudes an inner strength and commanding presence that draws you in, even before she has opened her mouth to sing. Once Dobet does begin to sing, her voice is filled with emotion and range. She moves from heartfelt ballads to funky, danceable songs with ease, and is comfortable performing in a wide range of African styles. Eventually, Dobet begins to dance, and the true depth of her talent shines through. She jumps across the stage like an acrobat, a soulful tornado of movement who astounds the audience with her moves. Just 24 years old, Dobet Gnahoré has got it all – an exceptional voice, amazing dance skills and the engaging aura reserved for artistic greats. After masterful performances across Europe and the United States, she has become one of African music’s most exciting young talents.
I'm still wishing I could have captured the rich sound of her singing, but then, that's why we buy music, isn't it? Here are links to her website and MySpace page.

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