Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tail fin as time machine: The embodiment of the American Dream circa 1960

The American Dream Circa 1960
Came across this 1960 Cadillac at Hilldale this afternoon. It was like opening a time capsule and finding the American Dream of fifty years ago. Sure, the car was vulgar, ostentatious, a big, heavyweight highway cruiser built like a tank, with enough chrome to sink a battleship. But it spoke of speed and freedom and the open road and had the lines of a jet. It expressed the forward-looking optimism of the age perfectly. Times were good, and things were getting better and better. Success could be yours if you worked hard enough, and your kids lives would be even better. With luck, someday you might be able to get your own Caddy.

And then the future happened, today's dark and troubled present.

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