Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Just a Wisconsin family worried about our country"? -- Come on, give me a break.

What's with the lame "Johnson Family" TV spot, running in heavy rotation throughout Wisconsin? This is how the Republicans expect to knock Russ Feingold out of the U.S. Senate? What are they really trying to say? The transcript isn't much help.
ANNC: Introducing the Ron Johnson Family

Carey: (too bubbly) he’s a really super dad

Ben: (while texting) he’s a great role model….

Jenna: (eye rolling) he’s worked extremely hard all his life

Jane: (too smiley and working too hard) a wonderful husband for 33 years

Ron: ok…that’s enough.…

Ron: obviously I’m not a professional politician and they’re not professional actors, we’re just a Wisconsin family worried about our country.

I’m Ron Johnson and I approved this message because it’s time to get our nation’s house in order.
If the family's "nonprofessional" approach to acting is any indication of what Johnson's "nonprofessional" style of legislating would be like, watch out. And what's this about "a Wisconsin family worried about our country." They don't seem worried -- they just seem smug and all too cheerfully self-satisfied. Oh, that wacky Republican sense of humor!

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Anonymous said...

But see, I look at the asinine, completely transparent, disgusting manipulative stunts Glenn Beck pulls on a daily basis and think to myself, "How could anyone with even a smidgen of brain be taken in by this?" But millions of people are. His ratings and book sales say as much. George Bush coasted by on a "Garsh, I'm just a plain guy" platform. Sarah Palin's riling people up a simple(ton) mom.

The Republicans don't have a sense of humor. They've figured out how to appeal to the lowest common denominator using a combination of simplicity, fearmongering, and now a variety of allegedly neutral third party organizations who claim no political affiliation other than "concern" for our country (the Tea Party, MN Forward, etc.). They've practically got these tactics down to a science. And since they are determined to underfund and obliterate education, it seems like there's little to stop them from capturing the minds of people incapable of seeing the logistical fallacies and blatant emotional pandering that the party consistently resorts to.