Sunday, August 29, 2010

UW-Madison: 17th-best damn university in the whole damn world

17th-Best Damn University University in the Whole Damn World
Ahead of all but two universities -- Cambridge and Oxford -- outside the U.S. Ahead of the likes of Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller University, Duke, UC-Davis -- and every other university in the Big Ten. That's according to an academic ranking by Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, which placed American universities in eight of the top ten places.
The rankings use 10 study areas and disciplines to make up the overall score.

UW-Madison ranked 11th in life/agricultural sciences; 13th in math; 17th in natural science; 20th in clinical medicine/pharmacy; 23rd in physics, engineering/technology, and social science; 31st in economics/business; 44th in chemistry; and tied in the 52nd to 75th spots for computer science.

The rankings rely heavily on research performance, including alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, highly cited researchers and papers published in Nature and Science.
It seems to be that 11th-place ranking in life and agricultural sciences that pulled the UW ahead of other highly-ranked Big Ten institutions like Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota. The complete listing allows you to break down the results by region and nation. The top ten are pretty much the usual suspects, but after that you'll find all sorts of surprises.

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