Friday, September 24, 2010

Calling the bluff of candidates claiming business experience proves they know how to create jobs

One of the strangest things about this weird and depressing campaign season has been the way Republican candidates are presenting their business credentials as proof they know how to create jobs.

In California, Barbara Boxer is being challenged by Carly Fiorina, whose tenure as CEO of HP was a disaster -- both for workers whose jobs were outsourced, and for the company itself. Here in Wisconsin, Russ Feingold is in a tight race to retain his Senate seat against businessman Ron Johnson, and Johnson currently has a lead in some polls -- though not if weighted for likely voters. It's a story line that's being repeated all over the country.

American business has been cutting back, retrenching, outsourcing its way to profitability for years now, and the American middle class has been paying the price. Now voters are being asked to see the people who were part of the problem as part of the solution. Voters are smarter than that.

But to get their votes Democrats need to stop taking them for granted. They need to step up to the plate and be more aggressive. This Barbara Boxer spot is a good start. Russ, are you watching?



That was a great spot by Boxer. I agree and also hope Feingold is watching. When you look at Wisconsin's history of wild swings in these major elections, it is worrying. This is the state where Proxmire followed Joe McCarthy, so I always think anything can happen — including lots of bad choices.

Heather said...

Everyone has been saying "Where are the dems, they are so quiet? We don't have to make all that noise just pull the lever and vote NO to the party of NO!!