Monday, September 20, 2010

Instant nostalgia: It's not even over yet, and already summer is turning into just a memory

It's Not Even Over Yet, and Summer Is Already Turning Into a Memory
Summer isn't even over until Wednesday, but already summer is taking on the nostalgic hues of memory -- especially with the unseasonably autumnal weather we've been having. The swan boats have returned from their summer quarters in Vilas Park and returned to their winter home at Wingra Boats in Wingra Park. Soon they'll go into hibernation until spring. Until then, all they can do is store up the memories of summer on Lake Wingra.

It's Not Even Over Yet, and Summer Is Already Turning Into a MemoryHow quickly it all goes away. Since Labor Day, Wingra Boats has only been open weekends, and only through the end of this month. After that, all these colorful boats go into storage. The wooden piers will come down, with only scattered posts left in the water. All too soon, they'll stick out of the ice as mute reminders of what once was. Ice fishers and -- if ice conditions are right -- ice boaters will take over the lake. But meanwhile, Wingra Boats really knows how to see summer out with a flourish. On Friday, Sept. 24, they'll have an end-of-season potluck, followed by the last Moonlight Paddle from 7:30-9:00. (Details at the link.)

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