Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Down at the Laurel, watching Brett Favre lead the Vikings in a battle against themselves and the Jets

When Brett Favre games aren't on broadcast TV, I usually wander down to my neighborhood watering hole, the Laurel Tavern, to catch at least part of the game, although last night, after the miserable first half in which the Vikings -- and Favre's fumbles -- spotted the Jets 9 points that could just as well have been 21, except for some dropped passes by the Jets, I almost didn't go. And when I got there I didn't find much company. Maybe people preferred staying home and competing to see who could write the dirtiest double entendre Tweets about the game and Favre's texting scandal. And when the game was over, the Laurel emptied out even faster than Favre left the field at New Meadowlands Stadium.

DSCN6222-FavreFavre did pull himself together in the second half, and you could make the case that he outplayed Mark Sanchez statistically, with an 85.9 QB ratings to Sanchez's 59.9. But when underperforming teams meet, the outcome usually isn't decided by statistics, and this was no exception. Favre set a couple more records: 500th career TD pass, one of them to Randy Moss. 70,000 career passing yards. But the only statistic that mattered was the score, Jets, 29; Vikings, 20. The game went down as one more in a series of big games in which Favre had a chance to pull out victory in the closing minutes but threw a pick instead. Age, a possible case of tendonitis, the lightning gods, texting scandal distractions and maybe just some plain old bad karma were just too much for Favre and he lost his magic, except for a few flashes that weren't enough.

Photo Note: Photographing people in low light watching TV is a problem, because the TV screen usually is vastly overexposed. This was photographed with Nikon P7000, f/3.5, 1/12, ISO 400, VR on. Shot in RAW, with file processed in camera to generate two different JPEGs, one exposed and color balanced for the interior, the other for the much brighter TV screens. Combined in Photoshop.

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