Monday, October 11, 2010

An exquisite brunch of simple, subtle elegance

An Exquisite Brunch of Simple, Subtle Elegance
I'm not a food blogger, and my culinary skills are so modest as to be virtually nonexistent. But I love good food. And until the chef starts her own food blog, attention must be paid.

T tossed off this magnificent brunch treat today in just a few minutes: Melted cheese and tomato open-faced sandwishes. Yellow tomatoes from the Farmers' Market. Seeded sourdough bread from Trader Joe's. Shullsburg 4-year aged cheddar (top); New Zealand sharp cheddar from Trader Joe's (bottom). Basil and fennel from T's garden. Dijon Mustard with white wine from Trader Joe's. What bliss!

Photography Note: Nikon P7000 in food scene mode. Diffuse, indirect natural light from the windows. Very lightly tweaked in Photoshop, but the original looked great straight out of the camera, thanks to the food mode's on-screen white balance slider.