Sunday, October 03, 2010

Is it art, or is it an accident? Does it matter?

Chaotic Equilibrium
Sometimes you come across something interesting on a wall, and you really don't know if it got there accidentally or was made deliberately.

Edgewood Avenue BridgeI came across these marks as I was driving over the Edgewood Avenue Bridge over the Southwest Bike Path in Madison. At first they looked like scuff marks that had been made by some large object being moved across the bridge and brushing against the wall.

On second thought, I wasn't so sure. Maybe these were abstract paintings, street art that some might call graffiti, although they weren't spray painted. They looked more like dry brush strokes. I've put a couple more in my my Chasing Abstraction set on Flickr.

In the end, I was left to wonder. Is it art, or is it an accident? Does it matter? Why?


Joaquin said...

I guess that if you consider "brush strokes" on a wall art, the yes, what you saw is art.
From my point of view, it's not and it's the "art for arts sake" mentality that has cheapened legitimate art.
A guy banging on a coconut is not music.

Anonymous said...

Are they tire marks from a Bobcat removing snow from the sidewalk?

Lou Cheese said...

Jesus Joaquin, way to kill the buzz...

In other words, why does art have to conform to your narrow point of view?

Your point of view in art, politics, and many other things may never rise to the utter reality of a guy banging on coconuts.

Joaquin said...

Oh come on Lou, stop throwing rocks!
If you have something to add, other that personal pot-shots, have at it. If not..........