Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last refuge of scoundrels and litterers

Last refuge of Scoundrels and Litterers
This combination of freedom, patriotism and the gutter caught my eye when I was already in a bad mood, not just about the fall election, which seems to share a lot of the same themes, but also about the smarmy robocall I received from singer Pat Boone, who seemed to think we shared something politically (an unfortunate database glitch no doubt).

"Hi Peter, this is Pat Boone, Yes, I'm still singing, but now I'm calling about . . ." He went on to try to convince me how important it was to vote for the plastic airhead with tea Party credentials who's running against Russ Feingold -- a proud progressive who really understands what freedom means. No thanks, Pat.

Note: More information of Mr. Boone's strange beliefs at Forward Lookout.

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Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

The first thing I put in my garden journal each spring is the disgusting cigarette package that has been under the snow in my front border all winter. As the snow melts there is always one waiting for me. I literally glue it in to remind myself of the road the garden borders, and to not be too picky about making that garden perfect! Luckily, freedom and Pat Boone are not involved.