Thursday, October 07, 2010

Monroe Street icons in the Madison night

Monroe Street Icons in the Madison Night
Michael's Frozen Custard and Pasqual's are Monroe Street icons, across the street from each other. I always wanted to get them in the same picture, and in the dark of night I managed it. Shot with Nikon P7000 handheld from across the street: f/5.6, 1/30, 200mm, ISO 319, Vibration Reduction on.

Another Cool Nikon P7000 Feature: The image is pretty sharp for a handheld photo taken at a long focal length at this shutter speed. That's because of the camera's BSS (Best Shot Selector) setting. It relies on something I once read on Ken Rockwell's sometimes infuriating, sometimes insightful web site: When you're shooting handheld at a slow shutter speed in low light and it's hard to focus and hold the camera still enough, shoot a lot of frames. Chances are, just by chance, one of them will be a lot sharper than the rest. It works, but it's frustraing to do in practice. You fill up your card with a lot of images that you have to sort through to find those few good ones. BSS automates that process. It saves only the sharpest. So when you're shooting one of those borderline shots, just hold down the shutter release and shoot a burst. The camera will save only the best one, and often it's surprisingly sharp.

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