Monday, October 18, 2010

Saw this faux Georgia O'Keeffe painting yesterday

Great Blue Heron Masquerading as a Georgia O'Keeffe Painting
We were taking our Sunday walk around Stricker's Pond, which lies on the border between Madison and Middleton. One more Great Blue Heron waded into my field of view and I snapped the shutter. I encounter them so often these days on this pond route that I'm actually getting rather blasé about it. I snapped the shutter and walked on. Besides, the light was fading, and the backlighting on the bird only produced a silhouette. Later, I happened to be holding the camera at an angle as I flipped through the images on the LCD. Something suddenly looked oddly familiar. Of course -- the photo looked like one of those Georgia O'Keeffe paintings of a cow skull floating in space that she painted during her New Mexico years.

Strange, isn't it, how a slightly different point of view can totally change how you see an image? Simply rotate a picture, and you may see it in a whole new light.

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George H. said...

That is pretty cool. I thought it was a Texas logo at first, but the O'Keeffe connect is clearer.