Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slide show of some of my bird photos

Green Heron Closeup
I photographed this green heron along the shore of Lake Wingra in a light drizzle about this time last year.

I happened to be looking through my photos tonight and noticed how many bird photos I've accumulated more or less unintentionally the last few years. I can't call myself a systematic birdwatcher, and my bird identification skills are almost nonexistent (one of the things I like about Flickr is the bird identification group in which you can post a picture of a bird you don't recognize, and usually receive an ID in the comments within minutes). But I love the beauty and grace of birds. I like to go walking with my family, and I almost always carry a camera. I've run into a bird or two along the way.

I've pulled some of my favorites together into this Birds of a Feather set. I selected most of them simply because I like them as photographs, but a few are in there not for their photographic interest, but because they illustrate some quirk of avian -- or human -- behavior. If you'd like, you could also view them as a slide show.

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