Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Translating Andrei Codrescu into an image

Andrei Codrescu at Wisconsin Union Theater
Andrei Codrescu brought his surreal magic to the Wisconsin Union Theater last night. The poet, novelist, essayist, NPR commentator, and editor of the literary journal, Exquisite Corpse, wove his spell around the theme "Swimming Between Languages: Learning English by Osmosis and Other Adventures." One possible takeaway: We translate every time we venture to speak or write, putting into words the inchoate, wordless stuff of our experience or imagination. Life is translation, and the more languages the merrier.

Translated his image into an image with the new Nikon P7000 compact (if somewhat hefty and only barely pocketable) digital. Wondered how it would do, shooting from the back of the orchestra section. ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/55, 200mm, VR on. Can't complain.

Also experimented with BSS -- Best Shot Selection, with which you fire a burst and the camera saves the "best," (i.e., sharpest). It was hard to capture his expressive hand gestures and wonderful, fleeting smile with the shutter lag of a P&S. I wondered if BSS would help. Not really. At least not in this case. It invariably captured him at his least mobile and expressive. So I turned it off.

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