Sunday, October 24, 2010

World-famous documentary filmmaker Errol Morris disappears (briefly) in Madison, Wisconsin

World-famous Filmmaker Disappears (Briefly) in Madison, Wisconsin
Was it true love, or was it merely an obsession? Only Errol Morris really knows, but one thing's for sure -- it probably was inevitable. After all, the Plaza Tavern is only a block north on Henry Street from the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA). It's not surprising that the filmmaker and UW alum would be seduced away from the screening of his new documentary, Tabloid. People lined up for more than an hour Friday afternoon to get a precious seat for a rare pre-release screening of the film, only the third public showing, after the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals. The audience watched in rapt attention as the tale of love, obsession, abduction, bondage (and puppy cloning) unfolded. They never noticed as the filmmaker slipped away, abducted by memory, in bondage to an obsession that has persisted for more than four decades. Errol Morris had to have it. He had to taste the world-famous Plazaburger once again. He returned to MMoCA in time for his Q&A session at the end of the film -- where he confessed that he snuck out during the screening, walked up to the Plaza, and surrendered to the seductions of a Plazaburger and a Point beer. Who are we to judge him?

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