Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Grim Reaper came to West Wilson Street and shared his to-do list with the train rally

Death Brings a List of Things to Kill to the Save the Train Rally
The Grim Reaper came to Madison and was gracious enough to share some ideas this afternoon with the Sierra Club of Wisconsin's Save the Train Action, one of many around the state. The guy's an expert; he knows how to kill. The way he figures it, why should Scott Walker stop with the train? Kill jobs! Kill healthcare! With just a little effort, a little economy of scale, we can kill them all!

Scott, Honey, Take the Train Money!Several hundred people who thought trying to save the train was more important than staying home and watching the Badgers roll over the Wolverines gathered at the foot of South Hancock Street in the little plaza overlooking the railroad tracks to cheer on speakers, hold up signs and listen to the Raging Grannies sing. I especially liked the sign that read, "Scott, honey, take the train money!" If you agree it's only sane to build the train, call Governor-Elect Scott Walker's office at 608-261-9200 and let him know.

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