Sunday, November 14, 2010

Historic Iowa County chapel that was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988

I took this photo of a white chapel isolated against a hillside of autumn color on a drive last month, but I was mostly interested in the fall colors and didn't take notes. All I remembered was that it was west of Madison. So when a viewer of the picture on Flickr asked where it was exactly, I was stumped. But I went back to the photos I took that day and enlarged another image of the chapel shot at closer range. I was able to make out the name: Hyde Chapel. It's in Ridgeway, 1 mile south of County Highway H on County Highway T (not far from Hyde's Mill). Turns out, it has a pretty interesting history.
Nestled against a backdrop of glorious Wisconsin countryside Hyde Chapel is deeply rooted in the history of Iowa County. Originally known as the Mill Creek Church, the Chapel was built in 1861, instituted on January 14, 1862 and proudly inducted into the National Registry of Historic Places on October 13, 1988.

Situated on 40 acres in an area originally called the Mill Creek Valley, Hyde Chapel stands adjacent to a small cemetery that precedes it. While covenants from the Congregational Churches of Wisconsin were originally adopted, the church was always open to people of various faiths. The cemetery bears testimony as Congregationalists, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists and Catholics who worshipped here together lay buried.
There's more information at the Hyde Chapel website.

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