Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seeing This Troubled World in a Madison shop window and thinking about Eleanor Roosevelt

A View of This Troubled World in a Madison Shop Window
Saw this in the windows of JTaylor's Galleries on the Capitol Square. I was curious about the book. Turns out Eleanor Roosevelt wrote it in 1938. You can sample This Troubled World on the internet. Some excerpts:
The newspapers these days are becoming more and more painful. I was reading my morning papers on the train not so long ago, and looked up with a feeling of desperation. Up and down the car people were reading, yet no one seemed excited.

To me the whole situation seems intolerable. We face today a world filled with suspicion and hatred.

[. . .]

The people who settled in New England came here for religious freedom, but religious freedom to them meant freedom only for their kind of religion. They were not going to be any more liberal to others who differed with them in this new country, than others had been with them in the countries from which they came. This attitude seems to be our attitude in many situations today.
72 years later, the world seems more troubled than ever. The problems are bigger. And our leaders seem smaller.

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