Sunday, November 07, 2010

Falling Back to Standard Time

Standard Time
The trees shed the last of their leaves and we set back our clocks -- if we remember. Or if our cell phones remember. Wrist watches are another matter. Setting the time on my Timex Ironman involves so many little tiny buttons pushed in such completely nonintuitive fashion and I do it so rarely that I never can remember the instructions or the sequence. I used to carry the directions in my wallet to be ready for these moments, but it got to be too bulky, so I tossed the big, multi-folded sheet with all the fine print. Now I look up the instructions on the internet with my smart phone. Should I toss the Timex, too? No, never. It's a little security bracelet around my wrist, an amulet warding off the ravages of time.

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Gamma Infinity said...

My watch came with a book. I actually did take the book on the plane with me, and actually did find the several paragraphs on setting the time, and actually did do it twice without having to curse and/or cause one of those news stories about passengers losing it.

Thus emboldened, I approached the task this time with little trepidation... and the (6 month old) battery in the thing croaked in the middle. I wonder if I can find one that syncs to GPS or WWVB.