Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrating the Solstice with candles, a magical ice lantern and edible ornaments for the critters

Winter Solstice 2010We celebrated the Winter Solstice at Tiedeman's Pond with candles and homemade ornaments. T again "baked" one of her magical ice lanterns in an antique cake tin. We made biodegradable (and edible) ornaments for the critters, who always can use a bit of nourishment this time of year (for more detailed pictures of the ornaments see this Flickr set).

Winter Solstice 2010The the flickering candles provided a a bit of visual warmth alongside the frozen pond as night fell. When we left, the candles were still holding out against the encroaching darkness, and the sunburst form of the ice lantern was like a promise of renewal, the return of the sun, and better times ahead.

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