Friday, June 25, 2010

Brief encounter with a platinum blonde

Brief Encounter with a Platinum Blonde
Her long hair fell in cascades of light. She was all class -- a princess who lounged in the soft white leather interior of the huge Caddy as if she owned it. She looked me over with languid, wistful eyes that held my gaze and wouldn't let go. It was love at first sight. But she belonged to another, and I moved on.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Idyllic summer day on Lake Wingra, but more thunderstorms on the way tonight and tomorrow

Idyllic Summer Day on Lake Wingra but More Thunderstorms on the Way
Beautiful, sunny, placid summer afternoon today. But unbelievably muggy and humid. The air seems to have come straight up from the Gulf of Mexico (fortunately without the sickening smell of oil). We'll pay the price tonight and tomorrow, with more of those nasty thunderstorms. Soon Lake Wingra will look like this again.

Toasting the Solstice alongside Lake Wingra in a torrential downpour

Toasting the Solstice Alongside Lake Wingra in a Torrential Downpour
T and I like to sit on the Edgewater Pier and toast the Solstice as the sun goes down, but that was impossible today. There was no sun. It was starting to rain when T said she thought we should at least have some kind of ritual. It was warm and it wasn't raining all that hard. Why not go down to Lake Wingra and toast the Solstice under an umbrella? We drove down to the lake, but by the time we got out of the car, our umbrellas seemed puny and superfluous. The heavens had opened. We were in the midst of a torrential downpout, coming down almost sideways, with the wind blowing rippling patterns across the surface of the water. Later, we heard that at the peak an inch or more of rain had fallen in just ten minutes. That's what we were standing in. We ran to take cover under the protective, overhanging eaves of Wingra Boats and drank our toast.

Happy Solstice!