Thursday, January 20, 2011

By the light of the Wolf Moon

The Light Inside Is Warmer Than the Light Outside
Around here, winter nights with a full moon are often beautiful but cold, and last night was no exception. Coming out of the Sequoya Library, I was struck by the contrast between the warmth of the light in the windows of the house with the smoke coming from the chimney and the icy snowscape outside, illuminated by the blue light of the full moon. This one is the Wolf Moon in Native American tradition, named for the wolves howling at the moon outside their villages on cold January nights.

Exposure: 28mm (equiv.), f/2.8, 1/4, ISO 400, -3 exposure comp to reduce flare from the moon and the windows, vibration reduction turned off, camera propped against a car to stabilize it. (I probably should have left VR on -- I was thinking of a tripod, when you're supposed to turn it off.)

Full Moon Over GlenwayMy drive home took me past Glenway Golf Course, that intimate little neighborhood municipal course on the near west side. The moonlight on the blanket of snow that covered Glenway was magical. I stopped for a quick shot. This time I was less concerned about sharpness than a general impression. Also, there was nothing handy to prop the camera against. So I turned the vibration reduction back on for a 1-sec handheld time exposure. The rest was the same as above -- 28mm (equiv.), f/2.8, 1/4, ISO 400, -3.

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Anonymous said...

Nice shots. When the moon was coming up, it was orange and looked magnificent. We've been seeing coyotes here in Fitchburg...maybe they think it's a coyote moon.