Monday, January 24, 2011

Packers head for Super Bowl in a blur of motion

Packers Advance to the Super Bowl in a Blur of Motion
I did some experimenting with shooting motion blur off the TV during the NFC Championship at Soldier Field, where the Packers hung on to beat the Bears, 21-14. Having something to do with my hands helped keep my nerves under control. An exposure of 1/6-sec. seemed to work best. This is James Starks on a 12-yard gain early in the second quarter, in the drive that ended with the offense's second and -- what would turn out to be their final -- score.

Packers Advance to the Super Bowl in a Blur of MotionAaron Rodgers sees a hole and takes off on a 25-yard scramble late in second quarter. Although Rodgers and the Packers offense got off to a hot start, they cooled off as the game went on. In the end, they needed Rodgers to make a TD-saving tackle and B. J. Raji to score a game-winning defensive TD on an 18-yard interception return in order to outlast three Chicago quarterbacks and hold on for the victory. But hold on they did, and they're in the Super Bowl -- for the first time since 1997.


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