Sunday, January 02, 2011

Thanks a million (not) for letting me sleep through the Rose Bowl parade, Apple

Thanks (Not) for Letting Me Sleep Through the Rose Bowl Parade, Apple
I love the alarm on my iPhone 4 and rely on it totally. It's easy to set, I love the little clickety-click of the time dial as it spins, and the "Old Phone" alarm sound calls on a lifetime of Pavlovian training to wake me every time.

Except on the morning of New Year's Day. We had been up late and I told T when we went to bed that I was planning to sleep late. But so as not to sleep too late, I set the alarm. But it didn't wake me and T let me sleep. I woke up after noon. No real harm done, I'm not that big on parades, anyhow. I figured I had been so tired I must have turned off the alarm and gone right back to sleep.

Until it happened again this morning. Once, it's my mistake. Twice, I go to the net to find out what the hell is going on. That's when I found out about Apple's iPhone alarm bug. It could have been worse -- I could have missed a plane or been late to work. Supposedly, it will be fixed by Monday, and meanwhile, a workaround is to set the alarm as a recurring alarm. I tried it and it seems to work.

Questions remain: Is 2011 too big a number to program into your software, Apple? Did you think the world would end the night of Dec. 31st and it wouldn't matter. The speed of Apple's response also creates the cynical suspicion that they knew this was a "known issue" and decided not warn people, perhaps for fear of the PR impact.

I'm disappointed, Apple.

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