Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For budget message next week Scott Walker sets up Capitol-in-Exile on Fish Hatchery Road

Firefighters Show Up in Solidarity with Other Public Workers
Today's protest rally at the Capitol was a powerful expression of opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's "budget repair" bill and his high-handed, dictatorial approach to collective bargaining.

It also seemed to inspire Walker to abandon the Capitol, along with years of tradition, when his administration announced he would deliver next week's budget message off-site, not at a joint session of the Legislature in the Capitol, but at a private business, Vita Plus, an animal feed company on Fish Hatchery Road. Supposedly, this was planned in advance of the protests.
Walker says he is releasing his budget outside the Capitol to highlight the promise of his administration to create 250,000 jobs over four years.
But since the announcement was made during the height of the protest Tuesday, it's understandable that a lot of people thought the Walker administration just wanted to deliver the budget message in an out-of-the-way location where attendance could be tightly controlled. Wonder how that will work out for them?


Josh said...

Since the corporations and WMC have taken over the government, why not conduct more state proceedings on private property? Wasn't it you who who wrote a month or so ago that Walker was going to sell the Capitol Dome? Perhaps soon we can just get rid of the capitol altogether, and instead of having a legislature, we can elect lobbyists to go plead for the public interest at the businesses that actually run the state.


How does moving the legislature and security off site fit in to his austerity budget? Proof if anyone needs it that this is about union busting not budgets.

An American in Rotterdam said...

Can Walker legally do this? Or is his introduction of the elements of the budget in the safety of a controlled business site just another media game of his?
I thought he had to be in the state capitol to legally present the budget at a Joint Session of the Legislature?

At first I thought he can't keep throwing bombs, then run and hide for four years from opposing voices, but now as I read the media coverage of this circus, it appears he can.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Republicans left and went home, and the Democrats stayed for an informal, late night hearing speaks volumes.

Who was listening to the voices of the people last night???

Not the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Budget address has to be delivered at the Capitol before a joint session. This has been downgraded to a speech.