Friday, February 18, 2011

"Humans Unite!" -- I love this sign

Humans Unite!
I love this sign that was held up in the middle of the Capitol Rotunda..

It sums up what I've found the most moving thing about this outpouring of solidarity in Madison -- the way it has brought together such an incredible range of people who usually are separated by a variety of divisions between groups and orientations.. Ever since Nixon, with his "Southern Strategy" and "Moral Majority," the corporate interests have played divide and conquer by dividing Americans along social, ethnic, gender, economic, educational, religious and class lines. Whenever a distinction could be made between people to pit them against each other, it was made. Not any more. People are realizing we're all in this together -- that an assault on one group of working Americans is an assault on all Americans. Divice and conquer won't work anymore.

As someone who is old enough to have seen Madison in the Sixties, I am amazed and deeply moved by the tone of this demonstration. This is not one group against others. This is all for one and one for all.

A scene this afternoon on the Square that would not have happened in the Sixties. We were part of the huge throng that was marching around the Square on the street. A sherrif's deputy needed to get by with his squad car. The crowd cheerfully parted to let him through:

Deputy: "Thank you."
Crowd: "Thank YOU."

This is something new, and Governor Walker ignores it at his peril.


joel hanes said...

Californian to Madison Guy and all those demonstrating in Madtown: "Thank you."

Dorothea said...

We have good policefolk in Madison. I remember similar politeness between police and people during the Iraq war protest marches.